Friday, 30 August 2013

Exclusive: Finnish Teen-Idol Robin is Deaf!

Today, I join the very select group of bloggers who are able to break some news ahead of the mainstream media. Oh yes.

For today, I can exclusively reveal that the Finnish teen-idol Robin is in fact deaf. I don't mean tone-deaf, I mean really deaf; as in can't hear at all.

In case, like me, you have been away from planet Finnish-teen-pop for a little while, Robin is a teenage singer very popular with young girls in Finland. He came to prominence in 2008 when, at the age of 10, he won a singing contest for young people. He has gone on to sell loads of records in his native country. His hits include... Actually, I don't have a clue.

Anyhow, one of my friends recently took her two daughters aged  6 and 4 to see Robin perform. The girls really enjoyed the concert, but when it finished, one of them told her Mum gravely:

- Mummy, Robin is deaf.
- Really? What makes you think that?
- He kept saying to the audience: "Sing louder, I can't hear you!"

And that, dear readers, is how I can bring you my world exclusive.


  1. Your friend's daughter is my new idol! haha

    Btw, does Robin sing in Finnish? I'm trying to learn Finnish and I'm looking for songs with finnish lyrics... maybe Robin is like... too much... but desperate situations require desperate measures!

    (If you have any artist to recommend, It would be very helpful. And if it's "hearing-friendly" would be highly appreciated).

    Kiitos, pusuja!

    1. For harder tastes, there's always Ajattara, Sotajumala, Mokoma, Stam1na, ...
      Otherwise, try the "modern" classics: Eppu Normaali, Leevi and the Leavings, Miljoonasade, SIG, ...

  2. First of all, I read through your blog in a drunken haze one boring Friday night when all my friends were out of town. Incredibly amusing and actually interesting for a native finn.

    And for Samain: Robin actually does sing in Finnish, though he uses quite a bit of slang and Helsinki dialect. Here's one of his more popular songs

    1. Being in a drunken haze is probably the best way to be to read this blog of mine! ;-)