Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mini-Post: Autumn is Here

Back in late March, as I stood in 50cm (20 inches) of snow in the Finnish countryside, I was told that spring was in in the air.

This week, while staying at the same location on the river Kokemäenjoki, I have been walking around in shorts and T-shirts, enjoying the sunny weather and the temperatures in the mid-20sC (mid-70sF). Yet, I have heard from a couple of people and read in a blog that apparently it's beginning to feel autumnal.

Go fathom.

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  1. The winds are slightly colder, mornings and evenings darker, the green in leaves is darker and grass is probably also looking less fresh. Also the light looks a bit different and there's a certain sense of urgency in the air. The summer's ending.

    In March and maybe even earlier, again, there are some hints: There's more light and it's warmer. It's brighter out. The sun comes out more or it rains more - it's less cloudy and grey. And of course the sun is, even if the weather wasn't, warmer.