Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Winter vs Summer in Finland

Friends often ask me about the light in Finland. Is it dark all the time in winter? Is it light all day during the summer?

Just found this great video, which illustrates the difference between winter and summer in Helsinki.

In Helsinki, in winter, the sun doesn't rise very high but it does make an appearance. When it's not hidden by clouds.... In contrast, in the summer, even though the sun does set, it remains just below the horizon, so it's never really completely dark...

So yes, it can be tough in the winter in Helsinki, but at least you can sleep. In the summer, but if you are a morning person like me, it's hard not to wake up a “stupid-time” when it gets light so early!


  1. up here it's a nightmare for sleeping in the summer - especially for the kids who have started waking at 5am already! It doesn't seem to affect my husband at all who is Finnish and lived here his whole life. I wonder how long I need to live here before I can sleep through the bright sunshine at 2am around Junnnus?

  2. You could buy yourself eye pads. Or buy thicker curtains..

  3. Or run yourself to exhaustion.
    The sleep will then come easily.

  4. The problem is not falling asleep (for me at least), it's staying asleep!

  5. Sun blocker curtains aren't very expensive and very easy to find.