Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mini-Post: Morning-After Contrition

Apparently, the morning-after pill is called “katumuspilleri” in Finnish, meaning “contrition pill” or “remorse pill”.

Does that mean Finnish women need to go to the pharmacy on their knees, confessing to having sinned and begging for forgiveness, before some pious pharmacist condescends to handing over the pill along with a penance?

Talk about piling on the guilt.


  1. ha ha ha, it does make you wonder.

  2. Hah hah, serious subject & funny observation. Being a Finn woman, I´ve never even thought about that (and thank goodness, I have not needed to).

    The morning after, or "dagen efter" refers to another kind of hang-over. You know, from drinking too much. Which like never happens here :D

  3. In the UK there is the concept of "morning after the night before" which is an expression that applies to the tiny minority of Brits who drink to excess. ;-)