Monday, 26 March 2012

Mini-Post: Dutch and Finnish Grammars Compared

While reorganising my book-shelves, I came across a book about Dutch grammar, which I bought back in the days when I lived in The Netherlands. 

Henry R. Stern's classic page-turner, "Essential Dutch Grammar" (ISBN 0-486-24675-2), has 109 pages (including the index). In comparison, my current bedside reading (well, sometimes), Fred Karlsson's "Finnish – An essential Grammar" (ISBN 978-0-415-43915-5), has 399 pages!

So which language is the easiest, huh?

PS: You didn't seriously expect a full, proper comparison of Dutch and Finnish grammars, did you?


  1. You're so funny!!!! LOLLLLL!!!

    1. Me too, I did, hoping to get my Flemish husband inspired about my mother language... :D

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